Those who enjoy dice games will enjoy Yatzy. The game's principle is quite simple. It has a few slight differences to the classic: In a maximum of three throws you can collect points according to certain patterns and write these down in your column on the score block. The score at the end of the game determines the winner, the player with the highest score wins.


A game consists of a total of 13 rounds of throwing the dice. Within each round the dice may be thrown a maximum of three times. After the third throw you must record your points score for that round on the left of the score block. To throw the dice, simply click on the dice beaker.


After every throw you can select which dice you wish to keep and which you would like to throw again to improve the result. To retain the dice you wish to keep, simply place them in the depository. Just click on the desired dice and it will be placed in the depository. Clicking on it again will cause it to be removed from the depository and it will be included in your next throw.


Your round is completed after three throws and you can enter your score on the scorecard. Click on the appropriate input field, e.g., on "3" to count up all 3's thrown. You can enter the points where you wish, but you should pay attention carefully to your score and not obstruct your chances of success. So you could enter 0 on the 1 column in order not to have to enter 12 on the 6 column (to receive the bonus you need at least 3 dice showing the respective number required in the upper half of the scorecard).

1 to 6

Dice showing the same number, for example, a "4", count towards your score. If you throw, e.g., three "4's", you can enter a total of 12 points in the 4 score column.


Provided that you reach 63 points or more in the upper area of the points table (1 to 6), you will automatically receive a bonus of 35 points. It is worthwhile to throw as many 4's, 5's and 6's as possible.


All dice scores count as long as three identical dice scores have been thrown.


All dice scores count as long as four identical dice scores have been thrown.


You will receive 25 points provided that you have thrown three identical dice together with two other identical dice, for example, three "4's" and two "6's".


You will receive 30 points provided that you have thrown four dice with consecutive numbers, for example, "1", "2", "3", "4" or "3", "4", "5", "6".


You will receive 40 points provided that you have thrown all five dice with consecutive numbers, for example, "1", "2", "3", "4", "5".


You will receive 50 points when all of the dice show the same number of spots, for example, five 4.s. For other Yatzy there are no additional points, and you must enter scores solely with their normal point scores in the fields "THREE OF A KIND", "FOUR OF A KIND" and "CHANCE" as well as the score fields in the upper section.


All dice scores count here. You may use Chance if, for example, you do not manage to achieve the score you are trying to reach on one of the other number targets.


At the end of the game, at the point at which all players have thrown 13 rounds, the scores are all added together, including bonuses. The player with the highest score is the winner.


You play a bet in Credits Symbol: ℂ.

When all the players agree to the rules, all players deposit a sum (2.50 or 5 ℂ). The winner on points receives 90% of the pot at the end of the game. If players are level after the end of the last game, the pot will be evenly split. Should one of the players leave the table prematurely for whatever reason, their deposited sum remains in the pot.


The tournament runs from 0:00 to 24:00 hours and the winning participants with the best scores receive their winnings at 12 midnight. Distribution of the winnings varies according to the number of participants. You will find current information regarding participants and payment in the program itself.

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